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Once Upon A Violet is a tribute to the life & times of a¬†very dear little girl (and her mummy & daddy). It is a journal of a small family of three. It is the canvas about our life, painted by a creative mother of one…

Welcome to my mood board, my sound board, my place to dream, my place to vent, and my place to let my design, writing and creative avenues all flow down the same street.

Hi, I’m Dani – Mother to an eccentric four year old, wife to a lovable (yet occasionally hard-work ūüėČ ) Englishman, and the Creative Director behind bespoke, personalised jewellery company Honeydew & Violet.

Once Upon A Violet is the place that is inexcusably me – where I can let loose in my own little creative hub of self-expression that is a “spin off sister” to Honeydew & Violet, yet it is something that I would never be able to share on my business website.

Having been a small business owner since 2011, and producing my own website and online presence – I kind of fell into¬†the world of writing… But after a year or two long stint of writing words for other people’s benefit,¬†I¬†soon took back some time to myself to ponder; and my decision was ¬†to¬†release these reigns –¬†¬†so I¬†now write in a more personal, relaxed, unstructured, and enjoyable way.

I am happy to say that this blog space is one with no rules, and no expectations. I place¬†no deadlines on myself.¬†I can be a little (un)professional if I feel like it; and sometimes a bit of a beautiful, creative mess. And that’s exactly the way I want it to be.

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Once Upon A Violet is a¬†virtual diary of life, and self realization.¬†It is about how¬†we juggle things like family, friends,¬†good times, business,¬†and everything else in between. It is a snippet into our lives, and what we have now learnt along the way. And it is a place that I can feel free to write proud, and unashamedly “mother-like” – as I boast and brag about what my little treasure has achieved from one day to the next.¬† And sometimes, even what I have achieved from one day to the next!

It’s a little bit soppy, it’s a little bit warm & fuzzy, and can be at times a little bit vocal or opinionated¬†– just¬†like¬†you¬†expect in life!

So¬†if you are choosing to come &¬†have a look around here at OUAV, then I welcome you wholeheartedly! Think of this space as being like my¬†diary, my soap-box, and a BFF-¬†all mashed up into one. Where we can gossip, share a coffee –¬†or even¬†a¬†glass of wine.

Sit back, relax, practice¬†some gratitude, and of course a little¬†mindfulness* –¬†and enjoy my place of reflection that celebrates the little things in life. It¬†gives me that healthy reality check I often need, and the reminder to always¬†:-

Take some time to smell the flowers


*mindfulness: Taking note of your current surroundings, accepting it as being your honest reality – and then finding the peace, positivity & happiness within it.

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