The best roast, made easy!

The one single item in my kitchen that is by far the most utilised in almost all of the seasons is without a doubt – the slow cooker. To date – (and I am seriously not kidding), it has paid for itself over 500 times, and still counting….

Picked up on my mums advice – from some kind of easy-breezy department store over 15 years ago; this most praise-worthy kitchen appliance, is something that I simply cannot live without.

I have now (literally) stumbled across this recipe whilst we were completing the usual everyday school run a few mornings ago – with one of my treasured pal’s, Amy. So to be fair, I cannot take the credit on this one; the glory belongs all to her. All I can do is write about it. But with the rainy, Wintery weather predicted to grace our city today, I felt it was the perfect time to share something super easy, yet totally delicious for a traditional Sunday dinner.

I’ve been an avid pot roast cooker for a long time now… Most probably because I absolutely suck at using an oven… But more importantly because I realise the time saving benefits that it gives me. You basically load the ingredients, turn it on, and come back to it later once it’s nearly done.

There is no frying involved. No browning off, not part-cooking. It is literally a 1 or 2 vessel dinner, and your ready. And the result is nothing short of sensational. Juicy, tender, fall apart style meat when you carve it – but in no way being mushy. What else can you ask for, right? 

And since then, my family have now made this dish the most requested meal of the week.

To say this one is on high rotation in our house, would be an understatement.

So here it goes…

1 whole chicken from the general meat cabinet in your supermarket (stuffed or unstuffed).

2 X chicken stock cubes

A handful of garlic cloves, peeled and slightly smashed.

A big sprinkle of Italian herbs (or whatever herbs you fancy… Eg have available 😉)

Chat potatoes

Whole, peeled carrots 

While, peeled onions (optional)

Peeled Sweet Potato. Cut into large chunks
And here are the ridiculously easy cooking instructions:

Remove whole chicken from the plastic wrapper, and place in the slow cooker dish. Turn slow cooker on to low.

Sprinkle with the 2 x chicken stock cubes, and place the smashed garlic cloves on top of the chicken (tuck these into the wings if you like also).

After 4 hours, remove the whole chicken as one piece, and set aside on an oven tray. Add the desired amount of potatoes to the pot. Then replace the whole chicken on top of the potatoes.

Around the insides of the dish, strategically place the whole carrots, whole onions, and sweet potatoe chunks to fill up the rest of the available area.

Cook on low for another 2-3 hours if possible.

Remove all ingredients from the pot, and place on a uniform fashion on a baking tray. Eg, carrots with carrots, potatoes with potatoes etc. You might need to place the whole chicken on its own tray. The chicken may fall apart a little, which is ok, but try to keep its shape if possible.

Drizzle a little juice from the slow cooker onto the entire amount of food on the tray(s).

Place the tray(s) in a hot oven for about 15 mins to crisp up the chicken and the veges.

Remove from the oven, and serve with your choice of steamed greens.

*For the gravy*  I am a big fan of using a powdered base (Yes it is true… Cue the imperfect chef!). But I do like to make a very small amount of this base gravy just to start, and then add my own mix of slow cooker juices. These are real and natural – obtained from nearly the meat itself. Usually containing a lovely mix of broken up veges, garlic piece leftovers, and chicken/vege juices.

All in all, it’s a pretty original, rustic, fabulous home cooked dish. And you pretty much know exactly what has gone into it.
The size of your regular slow cooker can provide more than enough for our family of three, and then left over lunches again for each of us. Just be sure to stem yourselves enough green veges.

I guarantee that you cannot find fault I this roast. Just cook it once or twice, find your happy time/temp place, and you’re done.

I’m so unbelievably grateful for my dear friend to share this ever-so-simple recipe. And now you can experience the pleasure of this simple roast gorgeousness, any night of the week.


Words by Danielle Tinkler.

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Reclaim your personal style.

I’ve realised lately that shopping anxiety has recently become a bit of a thing for me. But what started out as a joke phrase at first, had now somehow turned into an actual reality.

For many years I had always felt that I was quite a fashion forward lady. My style was unique to me, and pretty much classic, yet on trend for the most part. But after pregnancy, child birth, and breast feeding, my body (like most women’s) was just never the same – and I suddenly felt very uncomfortable in my own skin.

I started to hide it away, and dress in a way that I almost didn’t get noticed. My style was just becoming boring and blah. But that’s not to say that I was getting around as a complete dag in my T-shirt and trackies… Far from it. But try as I might, I certainly was not pulling off what you might call “fashionista mum” style over the last couple of years.

What I realised when I was becoming more and more body conscious, is that I stopped really shopping for me – and instead allowed my 5 year old to be the stylish one. I was unconsciously hiding behind my handsome hubby and gorgeous girl. Boring mum was always letting them both steal the show; anything to take the attention off me I guess. Behind this smoke screen I had created with my family, I just became content with rotating a bunch of safe and old faithful outfits, that really didn’t show me off at all.

I decided that I needed to start dressing for me again, but I had no idea of where to start. I mean, for most women, the thought of going on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe sounds like bliss… But for me, the anxiety was raising and it was starting to feel like torture. I didn’t know what I needed, where to go, or what I was even looking for. It was like I was totally out of touch with shopping now – since I had been unconsciously avoiding it for a good 5 years or so. My husband was offering to come with me, but that was just adding to the pressure I was feeling even more for some reason. I felt that I needed to enlist the help of an expert – a personal stylist.

My husband was sceptical at first.

“Why would you need someone else to tell you what to wear?” 

He asked….

And yeah, I totally get that comment. Why should I?  Well, over the years I have always followed a number of different personal stylists and fashion bloggers on social media – always admiring their little tips and tricks, whether it be their flat lays, their OOTD’s , their inspo shots, or their polyvore pull together’s – and then trying to piece together their looks from what I had inside my own wardrobe. But this felt different.

reclaim your personal style It was hard to admit that over the years I had lost a little of my own sense of identity, and that I needed help to rediscover my own personality in the way I present myself – and let it shine on through.

I wasn’t the 28 year old club kid / festival darling / urban trendy person any more… And what did that even mean? Urban, boho, utilitarian, vintage? Who am I? That was a decade ago, and my lifestyle is way different now. I’m 38, and a wife and mum – but I don’t want to be boring or frumpy. I don’t want to now be just a wallflower in the back ground. I may not be out clubbing and hitting the coolest parties so much any more, but I still want to look good – and I want my image to be the best it can be.

So my solution to this part of my problem as I saw it, was to get some expert tips from a personal stylist. But with the level of anxiety that I was facing, it felt too overwhelming for me at this stage to jump in the deep end for the one-on-one treatment. Instead, I managed to find a very insightful lady, who had put together a down-right genius service. A personal styling workshop.

Bernadette Payne from That’s My Style, by Bernadette is a personal stylist that I had been following for quite a while now, and I just gravitated to her instantly. Her Invest In You – Dress With Confidence Style Workshop hit the nail on the head for me. It was a small group of women meeting in a stylish little patisserie, after hours. Where we could all sit down in a very un-intimidating environment, and learn a little more about ourselves, and how to make ourselves feel even better.

As we each told a little bit about our backgrounds and the secrets behind why we were there, I realised that we were all feeling the same way. We were all feeling insecure within ourselves, yet we were all entirely fabulous with who we were, and with what we had all achieved in our lives. We just didn’t know how to flaunt that fabulousness.
With a little bit of fashion psychological testing applied to us by Bernadette, we were then able to really hone in on what our deep down personal style actually was. We were then taught to browse the magazines and fashion pages, be able to identify “our look”, and then how we could emulate that look from key pieces, yet still make it our own. And that was one of the key points that I have taken home from the workshop:

Your style is your own interpretation. You might admire someone, and the way they dress; so you should take elements of that, but then make it more you.

I also learned that we are unconsciously judged by people within just 2 seconds of meeting them. So therefore, your body is a canvas, and you, yourself – are a brand. Your style represents your lifestyle in the here and now. Who do you want to be? And how do you want to portray yourself?

Bernadette went on to explain that your wardrobe needs to be versatile. You need to be ready for anything and everything, and it really shouldn’t take you very long at all to be able to put an outfit all together. This taught me that I don’t necessarily need a big wardrobe, but instead a quality wardrobe of key pieces that fit really well. I can then let my own individuality shine through with little tweaks, variations, and accessories. There is no point in holding onto a designer dress that looked great on the model, but does not suit my shape at all, (actually it accentuates my worst features), but I still hold on to it because one day it might look good
.. Sorry honey, it’s not gonna happen.

reclaim your personal styleSo off I went with all of this brand new advice in my head, and attended to my own wardrobe cleanse, where I was instructed to try on absolutely everything in my wardrobe – no exceptions. And as I went along, I was always remembering these key snippets given to me by Bernadette:

  • Where will you wear it?
  • Where else will you wear it?
  • What will you wear it with?
  • And what else can you wear it with?

And finally, if it doesn’t fit you absolutely perfectly, then it’s got to go…. The same goes for anything with holes in it, pilling, stains or discolouration – because you’re too good for that!

The result after an entire day spent trying clothes on and off, was a HUGE pile of unwanted items on my bed – and now a nice, ordered, easy to find, calming & zen wardrobe. I even found some fantastic little quirky pieces that I even forgot that I had – and are just perfect for bringing out my extra unique style working with what I now have left.

And by the weekend, I had made myself a list of key pieces that I needed to now buy to complete my perfect capsule wardrobe. So armed with my list – and my new found fashion confidence (courtesy of Bernadette), I marched straight into Bondi Junction and tackled the big boys – Topshop & Zara.

Suffice it to say, I was pretty chuffed with that effort.

And to top it off, I can now get dressed wearing a stylish outfit that I feel great in, that’s a little bit different everyday, without stress – and in pretty much under 5 mins flat. Which is exactly what Bernadette can do too!

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. The difference in my wardrobe’s functionality, and my shopping needs have changed dramatically – now that I’ve finally realised what I am shopping for. So if you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but never anything to actually wear, then get in touch with Bernadette Payne, or go along to one of her eye opening styling workshops. You will be truly surprised with what you will get out of it!


Reclaim your personal styleBernadette Payne is a personal fashion stylist, blogger, wife, and mother of three – with over 20 years experience buying and manufacturing fashion lines for some of Australia’s leading fashion retailers. After travelling the fashion world for many years, she now brings this knowledge home giving direct advice to suit her clients here in the Australian market; finding the best styles for every body shape, inspiring the ultimate confidence in all she works with.

Offering a range of services from wardrobe makeovers, personal shopping, and style workshops, you can make a connection with Bernadette via her website, or follow her on social media for her expert tips and every day styling inspo via the That’s My Style Facebook page, and Instagram.



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Words by Danielle Tinkler.

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

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The Ankle Boot – How to wear it.

I love fashion, but I am often the first to admit that I don’t always have the eye for it. But that said, and just like most people – I like to look good. So to nail my own signature style, I often take my lead from the professionals in the industry. Fashion trends change from year to year, but often its only the smallest tweaks to your look that give the biggest impact. So I have enlisted the help of personal stylist Bernadette Payne –  from That’s My Style, By Bernadette to give us her top tips on how to make your wardrobe work smarter for you.

Seasons come and go, but the basics remain the same – so with a little advanced knowledge from a personal stylist, you can transform your key pieces to make your look totally up to date, and on trend.   Join us, for a little inside info from the experts.

The Ankle Boot – How To Wear It – by Bernadette Payne.

This season is all about the ankle boot!
It is practical, stylish, and can be worn with any outfit for many occasions. The ankle boot can be thrown on with comfortable jeans, a white shirt and scarf for a style-worthy weekend look.
During a wardrobe edit, many of my clients own a pair of knee high boots but never really wear them. You are limited in what you can wear a knee high boot with and it’s not always easy to get a good fit. I then introduce them to the ankle boot.
If you are new to ankle boots, then my top 5 tips on how to wear ankle boots will help:-

  • Tucked into the hem of a pair of black Ponte (stretch) pants with a longline tee and scarf.
  • Wear with your favourite straight leg jeans and turn back the cuff to show some ankle.
  • Buy a neutral colour like tan to wear with denim and soft colours.
  • Wear with knee length skirts or dresses and bare legs.
  • Add layers of scarves and jackets depending on weather.
  • Make your favourite summer maxi dress work in autumn by adding an ankle boot and leather biker jacket.

Bernadette Ankle Boot 2Bernadette Ankle Boot 3Bernadette Ankle Boot 4The key to wearing an ankle boot is making sure it’s seen. Don’t hide them under flared jeans or soft pants.

Are you looking for the perfect boot to get you through autumn and winter? I have made it really easy for you. My edit includes easy classic styles that I can guarantee you will pull together endless looks for the season.
Which boot will best suit your wardrobe? Think about your lifestyle and what you get dressed for most days. A flat heel is perfect for everyday running around. If your budget allows, add a high heeled boot for nights out.
All are available right now online and in-store.

Ankle Boot

Asos, Selected Suede stiletto boot $210.10 || Witchery, Oliver Stud boot $229.95 || Iconic, Callie Gusset ankle boot $49.95 || Decjuba, Edie Ankle gusset boot $159.95 || Iconic, ALDO Lillianne boot $129.95 || Mollini, Quonut boot $199 || Mollini, Vaino Boot $250 || Asos, Aldo boot with tassel trims $189.09 || Seed Heritage, Sarah gusset boot (also comes in black) $189.95

Which boot will best suit your wardrobe?


Bernadette Headshot 2Bernadette Payne is a personal fashion stylist, blogger, wife, and mother of three – with over 20 years experience buying and manufacturing fashion lines for some of Australia’s leading fashion retailers. After travelling the fashion world for many years, she now brings this knowledge home giving direct advice to suit her clients here in the Australian market; finding the best styles for every body shape, inspiring the ultimate confidence in all she works with.

Offering a range of services from wardrobe makeovers, personal shopping, and style workshops, you can make a connection with Bernadette via her website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Or, you can get your fashion fix at one of the many upcoming events being held by That’s My Style. Join us on Thursday night, May 12th – for an inspirational evening of fashion styling, tips and tricks to get you all set for Autumn/Winter 2016. Here are the details:

Invest In You, Dress With Confidence – Style Workshop.Bernadette Headshot 1

Thursday, May 12th, 7-9PM

Venue: Baked Patisserie

10 Marshall Rd, Kirawee, NSW 2232

Or follow this link for more info.


Photo credits to: Pinterest, and That’s My Style, by Bernadette.

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Words by Bernadette Payne & Danielle Tinkler.

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Rosehip Oil – Simply the worlds best beauty product.

My beauty routine has changed a lot over the years. I don’t know about you, but I find after a period of time using the same products on my skin, my skin turns a little dull… It’s like my skin is bored. It’s gotten all too used to the current regime, and needs to be shaken up a little.
I blame this on the seasons, I blame it on my hormones, and sometimes I blame it on my age. But one thing is for sure, no matter how much I swap and change my products about there is always one thing that remains as my staple – and that is Rosehip Oil.
Rosehip Oil is my never fail, multi use little magical potion that works wonders for men and women of any age. I started seeing the wonders of Rosehip Oil after a 2 year stint working as the practice nurse in a cosmetic surgery clinic in my mid 20’s. After learning about and treating such a myriad of skin conditions during my time in this role, there was always one product that I would swear by – Rosehip Oil. Aside from surgery, or quite costly and timely non-surgical cosmetic procedures, Rosehip Oil was the one do-it-yourself treatment that would get quality results with just about any condition our clients could throw at us.

Originating in Chile, and made from the actual berry-like (fruit) bud that gets left behind after the petals fall from the Wild Rose Bush; Rosehip Oil is an organic product that is rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9), as well as powerful antioxidants.

So what can Rosehip Oil do?

Quite simply, with regular use Rosehip Oil makes your skin just glow – like a well hydrated dew-drop.

  • It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It hydrates and moisturises the skin.
  • It helps even up skin tone, and keeps it firm.
  • It is particularly good at lightening and fading stretch marks, age spots, hyper-pigmentation, burns caused by laser marks, and some scarring.
  • It helps heal sun burn and sun damage by encouraging skin cell regeneration and repair.
  • Rosehip Oil helps balance oily or combination skins, and reduces any greasiness.


How does it actually work?
As mentioned earlier, Rosehip Oil is jam-packed full of powerful, organic goodness, including:

Linolenic Acid
– known as Omega 3, which is a fatty acid required for the proper structure of our skin cell membranes, and helps provide essential moisture to the skin.

Linoleic Acid – known as Omega 6, which is an essential fatty acid that helps provide a natural barrier to external environmental damage.

Oleic Acid – which is known as Omega 9, a fatty acid that helps repair damage to the tissues, and then regenerate the damaged skin – improving the overall skin condition.

Then we get the bonus of Rosehip Oil being one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C available, plus also a natural source of Vitamin A – both being antioxidants that can neutralise or inhibit the destruction caused by many of the free radicals that can harm our skin cells, simply as a result of modern living. Vitamin A is also listed as probably the most important ingredient when it comes to anti aging – and yet it occurs in Rosehip Oil naturally.

And the best way to use it?

Rosehip Oil is absorbed more effectively on damp skin, so I suggest using a gorgeous face spray such as Secret Scent Aromatherapy’s Rose Water and Cucumber Facial Spritz. This can also help with balancing combination skin such as an oily T-zone.
img_0301.jpgOnce your face has been spritzed and hydrated, place a drop of Rosehip oil on the fingertip pads of your pointer, middle and ring fingers (less than 0.5ml total). Touch your fingertips together, and then lightly dab the oil to the face starting on the forehead then working down to the sides of the eyes, under the eyes and across the nose, down the cheeks, sides of mouth, chin, and finally smoothing to the neck.
When the skin is damp the oil will blend and absorb in a more even fashion, which is why a little bit can go quite a long way. Rosehip Oil is a great alternative to many facial serums, and a much more cost effective option too – which is always a plus – so it makes sense to use it in the same way.

After the spritz and oil combo has absorbed a little (which is probably less than about 30 seconds), you can apply your favourite day cream – I just can’t go past Secret Scent’s Facial Cream featuring a little blend of Neroli, Sandalwood and Lavender. With just the right amount of hydration for the day it creates a soft and supple base for my make up.
Or for ultra hydration, do this as a night-time ritual also using Secret Scent’s Ginseng Night Repair Cream. Which is a highly concentrated intensive moisturiser that is enriched with even a little more Rosehip Oil in its base – giving you the added benefits of cell repair and renewal while you sleep.
The benefits of this wonderful oil just don’t end at the face either. It helps with healing body scars, minor cuts, it strengthens fingernails, and it can help nourish your hair – but that’s a whole other story.
For now, I’m just obsessed with the facial benefits it provides – which is why I go to the extent of saying again and again, that Rosehip Oil simply is the worlds best beauty product.

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Words by Danielle Tinkler. Product samples and an amazing wealth of knowledge shared by Sharen Turner.

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Save money with last minute gifts from Honeydew & Violet.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have just enough time to get some last minute H&V gifts out to you all!

And to celebrate the silly season approaching – for the next few days only up until midnight on Sunday 13th Dec, we are giving you a cheery 15% off our entire range. Yippee!

Simply apply the code: LastMinuteGifts

(all one word and case sensitive) in the discount box at checkout, and you will save on whatever you choose.

All of our Christmas orders are closing on this date, to ensure on time delivery before Christmas Eve. So get your skates on Honeydew’s!

Check out some of our H&V favourites in the gallery below.



Large Organic Halo, and Small Organic Halo, both linked.

Large Organic Halo, and Small Organic Halo, both linked.

Medium Organic Halo Pendant.

Medium Organic Halo Pendant, with complimentary Leather Cord Necklace (Petal)

Small Padlock Heart, and Small Classic Disc Pendant

Small Padlock Heart, and Small Classic Disc Pendant, on a 3mm Ball Bracelet.

Medium FLoating Heart, on Turquoise Luxe Leather Wrist Wrap.

Medium FLoating Heart, on Turquoise Luxe Leather Wrist Wrap.

Mini & Small Organic Halo Pendants

Mini & Small Organic Halo Pendants, both set on a 2mm Ball Chain Necklace.

Organic Halo 4mm Bangle

Organic Halo 4mm Bangle. Made from solid sterling silver.



Monogrammed Drops

Monogrammed Drops. Fine and delicate little sterling silver drop earrings.

Organic Halo Key Ring

Organic Halo Key Ring. With solid sterling silver chain. Links soldered for added strength.

Gallery 1

Organic Halo Linked Pendant. Three Rings configuration.

Finger Tip Secret Ring

Finger Tip Secret Ring.




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We Love Dad’s.

 we love dadsWe Love Dad’s.
This years H&V Father’s Day campaign features a celebration of darling daddy’s, grand-dad’s, and even great grand-dad’s, all shot in beautiful black and white.
With images sourced from both Australia and overseas, the collection contains a series of posed and candid shots of fathers and their kids – and aims at bridging the gap between celebrities and your every day family man. Proving that every man is gorgeous when they have the love for their family in their hearts and eyes.

 we love dadsAnd to celebrate this gorgeous campaign of shots that we have collected, Honeydew & Violet will be running a very special Free From H&V Father’s Day edition. A collection of last minute gifts for any dad, granddad, great granddad, stepdad, or daddy to be – and these are free to you with only the postage costs to cover.

 we love dads  The collection goes live at 8pm AEST on Tuesday 1st September, to be posted via Express Post first thing Wednesday. All items have been pre-made in our studio proline to these events, so it is unlikely that any further customisation can be done to each item.

In accordance to our regular guidelines with Free From H&V, and to go along with our commitment to sharing the love, we request that you only choose one free item for your cart during this event. We are always happy for fans of H&V to get involved again and again from month to month, but please respect our wishes on this by only taking one item each. Anyone who does add more than one free item to their cart will have their postage refunded immediately and the items will be re-listed for someone else to enjoy.

  Here is the link to our special Father’s Day Free From H&V event.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for getting involved!

Wishing all of you darling daddy’s out there an extra special Father’s Day this coming weekend xo
Words: Danielle Tinkler.

Photo credit to – Centre of Attention PhotographyThe Daily Mail UK, and Once Upon A Violet.

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H&V’s Organic Halo Collection

Honeydew & Violet’s Organic Halo Collection.


organic haloHoneydew & Violet’s Organic Halo’s are a completely hand-made collection from start to finish. Constructed from solid sterling silver wire, our bangles and cuffs are then hand shaped and forged to create their own unique (organically imperfect) halo shape.

The piece is then flattened to create a classic and timeless form that is just perfect to fit your desired stamping. With the ability to fit over 50 characters (including spaces), you can personalise your piece with literally whatever word combination you desire.

Our 4 & 5mm Bangles and cuffs can withstand double sided stamping; whilst our 3mm beauties are better for just single sided stamping only. Or for an even more unique look, our 3mm Organic Halo’s can even be worn stacked or interlinked together before soldering.

organic haloOur Organic Halo Pendants are also made from scratch by hand. Using a slightly thinner solid sterling silver wire than our 3mm bangles. We craft these mini rings with only a half press of the pendant to create the stamping area. With around 17-20 spaces available for stamping (and this time its single sided only) these rings are perfect for 1-2 names, and are ideal for interlinking.

Set on either a sterling silver ball chain, a belcher chain, or one of our complimentary leathers – these Organic Halo Pendants are a simply stunning and unique piece. This signature design is exclusive to H&V, and can of course, be added to for many years to come.

We simply love designing and creating for this collection, and currently have some prototype Organic Halo Rings in progress as we speak. And as always, we look forward to launching these new designs soon enough in the near future!


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Words: Dani Tinkler.















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Aromatherapy Remedies For Inspired Living.

Aromatherapy remedies for inspired living – how to ignite the perfect vibe within your space.


Your home is your castle, and your castle should be the most relaxing, yet inspiring place that you can find. It’s the place where you laugh, it’s the place that you can break down and cry in. It’s a place you feel safe, and it’s a place that you invite people into visit with pride. Your immediate environment can be affected by your senses – so what if you could take a few natural ingredients, and use these remedies to make your space as desirable as it can be? Sharen Turner from Secret Scent Aromatherapy has given us a handful of useful tips to share with you that are all family friendly, and guaranteed to awaken the senses by using the powerful aromas of essential oils.


First up, we want to make an effort to reduce any negative energy in the home, so Sharen has developed a fabulous room spray named Sacred Chi. The delightful aromas of Rosemary, Sage, Lemon Myrtle and Juniper not only transforms bad vibes, and encourages good Feng Shui, but it also acts as a lovely and fresh room deodoriser – all in an easy to use pump pack. Sacred Chi is also available ready-blended for your burner if you prefer the aroma to be a little longer lingering, however with the ease of use that the pump pack gives me, I just can’t go past it.


aromatherapy remedies

If you have the unfortunate luck to be fighting with a loved one right now (it happens, we all do it) -where tensions and emotions are running high, and it feels like there are high levels of stress buzzing around you, then you can ease this tension by adding a few drops each of Bergamot, Neroli, and Rose Geranium in you burner or vaporiser.

Sharen has blended these three together perfectly in a ready to use vial called Balance – or you can grab your own personal supply in a handy roll on pen that you can apply directly to your own pulse points (temples and wrists) in times of stress. This gorgeous blend will help calm you down, and also those around you, hopefully then working towards a much happier atmosphere for you all to be in.


To celebrate and encourage new beginnings – be it a new home, a renovation, or any new venture that you might be embarking on, then you should try a combination of Frankincense, Rose, Neroli, Patchouli, Geranium, Mandarin & Lavender in your oil burner. Sharen has created this in her own unique blend – called Samsara.

This blend is said to aid in the positive flow of life, to keep you on the right path, and helps determine the outcome of your future destiny.


If you want to increase productivity, alertness or concentration, then this next little cocktail is the perfect remedy. Perhaps you have a family member studying for exams, or you work from home and want to maximize the “work” time you have and decrease procrastination? Well if so, try a blend of Basil, Lemon and Rosemary in either an oil burner or vaporiser while you work.

Or if you are not sure about mixing these oils yourself, you can use one ready-made by Secret Scent that Sharen has expertly blended for you, called Focus. This blend claims to assist in sharpening your perception, as well as enhancing your memory, and fighting fatigue when you need it most.


I then asked Sharen if she had any pointers on combatting the witching hour… You know that time of the day when the children are going crazy, and you are stressed, but just wanting to get the evening routine underway?

Sharen suggests a blend featuring drops of Lavender, Tangerine and German Chamomile to help create a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere, which will encourage the kids to focus on the tasks at hand, as well as enhancing calming, loving emotions. Originally blended to create the nurturing atmosphere to assist with the bonding between a mother and her newborn, the blend simply known as Motherhood has since been noted to be quite a successful calming tool as the child grows as well. A must have for the home before settling in for bedtime.


The fifth blend that Sharen has introduced me to is perfectly timed right now for these colder months. Add a mix of Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Peppermint and Thyme to your oil burner (or even splashed onto a tissue in your top pocket) to help ward off any nasties related to colds and flu. This blend also creates antibacterial properties that help stop the spread of germs – perfect for those of us with little people who seem to pick up every bug that’s going around courtesy of school friends, day care, and other places they congregate with their fellow snot monsters. Secret Scent has put the perfect blend together for you, with their recipe that is aptly named Breathe Easy.


And lastly it’s my personal favourite – a blend designed completely with all of you sassy and stylish women in mind. Burn a delicious combination of Rose Geranium, Lemon Myrtle, and Pink Grapefruit to evoke feelings that are emotionally balancing, yet still uplifting. This is a blend that helps promote positivity, optimism and confidence, and is sure to put you on the right path for the day.

I have always found Rose Geranium to be a powerful oil for me in terms of my own emotional wellbeing and confidence. And so appropriately named too – Urban Goddess.

Or, if you wanted to try an alternative method (rather than burning this blend for the whole room to experience); simply sprinkle a few drops onto a tissue and wear it tucked into your bra – just above your heart. It will lift your self-confidence, and keep you smiling every time you move and catch the scent. It will keep your positive attitude in check, and you can use this to your advantage just as I do – as your little secret weapon for personal success!


So there we have it, just a few simple ideas that can help set the vibe, the intention, and evoke particular feelings in and around your home. By using a few drops of the earth’s natural remedies, you too can make your own personal space feel inspirational. Of course as with all remedies, natural or otherwise – please use with caution if you have any medical conditions such as epilepsy, if you are taking any other medications, or if you are pregnant (or trying to conceive). But other than that, enjoy!

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aromatherapy remediesSharen Turner is a qualified Aromatherapist and Feng Shui Practitioner boasting skills, training and experience that has spanned over 18 years, both in Australia and abroad.

Based in the southern suburbs of Sydney, this “urban bohemian” thrives on the values of honesty, integrity, and giving back to the community. Her favourite things include ocean dips to cleanse the aura, quality coffee to start the day, and of course, her mum!

You can get in touch with Sharen via her website, Secret Scent Aromatherapy.



Photo credit: Depositphotos









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So what is “Free From H&V” really all about?

Free from H&V 2I don’t know whether you have seen this little monthly giveaway yet? But over on the Honeydew & Violet website we are giving away some one-off designs every now and again for FREE!!!

In a glorious attempt to spread the love of H&V, we run a giveaway on a random night, where our followers can jump online to our website, pop whatever piece in their shopping cart from our “Free From H&V” collection that takes their fancy, and if they were the lucky one to get through to the check out – its theirs!

The idea behind this giveaway actually originates from back in the days when H&V was holding our market stalls. We always had to have some pieces available for point of sale, stamped with random quotes and comments. Usually, these quotes were on rings of various sizes – and  I always found it interesting to know what quotes resonated with certain customers. It was then a case of if the ring fits, it was meant to be! I tended to give a lot of these rings away, because I was fascinated with the story behind the person who liked the quote. And these stories stay in my mind even today.

Free From H&V JuneOver the years of building up Honeydew & Violet, I have always been a firm believer in sharing the love, and spreading the feel-good vibe of my company. So I guess in a sense, this is what “Free From H&V” is all about.

It is a step up from your usual social media giveaway. I do not want just random people winning our pieces who are not truly going to appreciate them. I want lovers of good quality jewellery to win – but I also want these to go to people with good hearts and kind souls. So I suppose this is why we have decided to make people work a little harder to “win” one of our freebies. And if you really do love H&V, then I’m sure you will put in the tiny little bit of extra effort it takes to nab one of our free pieces each month.

The rules are simple:

  • Our dates are randomly chosen, once per month. This will be announced the day prior on our social media pages, and then a blog posted on the Honeydew & Violet business site the day of.
  • The time that the collection will go live is in Australian Eastern Time.
  • All you have to do is place your chosen item in your cart, proceed to the check-out, and pay for the postage costs.
  • Each item is a one-off, and comes “as is”. No further stamping or customization will take place.
  • Your item will be sent within the next week.
  • Postage will cost $9 AUD within Australia, and $18 AUD Internationally. This will be standard parcel post only.
  • Only one item per person, please.


I would like people to take note of the last point in particular. These giveaways are an act of kindness from the team at Honeydew & Violet, and in that respect we would like to share the love to as many people as possible. Please do not be greedy and place multiple items into your cart, and the same goes for those who go for two items separately. We will contact you and refund you your postage if this occurs, and we will re-release the products for someone else to take on the opportunity.

By all means, you can enter our giveaway from month to month and score multiple items this way, but only one item per giveaway, please.

We hope that you can respect our wishes on this.

Thank you so much for taking part in this exciting giveaway, and we look forward to seeing who scores what!

Good luck, and here is the link to our collection.

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Loving Our Latest Campaign.

latest campaignLoving Our Latest Campaign!

I am totally swooning over the gorgeous images shot by Sydney photographer Nicole Tanko from Centre of Attention Photography.

Nicole’s work just beams with the essence of love and family, and her images just resonate with Honeydew & Violet perfectly. So naturally, they were the perfect touch to add to our website.

latest campaignI have known Nicole for quite a few years now, from even before she launched Centre of Attention – and we have worked together from the beginning of the creation of the H&V website. Being friends way before we were small business owners, we have watched and supported each others business growth from the get-go.

And ironically the timing was perfect, because the gorgeous Nicole had recently shot some family and newborn shots to celebrate the birth of a new little boy – a son to some more darling friends of mine, Tenille and Christian.

Centre of Attention Photography is based in Sydney’s south, and Nicole shoots predominantly from her stunning natural light filled studio. The focus of her work is newborns, babies, kids, family and maternity photography.

We are so honoured to be using these gorgeous images in our latest ad campaign, and on our website. I cannot thank both Tenille and Nic enough for sharing such amazing art with me. It has truly stepped up the look of H&V ten-fold!

Thanks girls, love you both to bits!

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Words by Dani Tinkler.


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