Fleetwood Mac, a dream come true.

Ticking a dream off my bucket list.

For the best part of 25 years – or at least for as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to see Fleetwood Mac live in concert. Thanks to my parents, this was one of many bands that I grew up with; causing their songs to often mark pinnacle times throughout my life.

But this was not just any concert that I wanted to experience… My dream of seeing Fleetwood Mac was to be in the open air, in a festival-like setting. So when the band was announced to play Hope Estate Winery in the Hunter Valley of NSW, I just knew that we had the perfect back drop.

Since having these tickets in my hot little hands, I soon realised that my long time dream was now actually going to come true. And I was getting the chance to share it with my nearest and dearest. Not only my husband and daughter, but I was taking my parents along too. I figured, these two had raised me on this amazing kind of music – so the least I could do was surprise them with tickets to come along to the show and share this experience with us.

I am so glad I made that decision, as I think this has now ticked off one of their bucket list dreams also!

Walking in to Fleetwood MacLike with all festivals I have gone to in my lifetime, I had the usual bought of outfit anxiety… But at least this one matched with my much adored urban boho-style quite easily. I was all set for a white cotton dress, sandals and a denim jacket for the (expected) warm mid November evening. But this was not meant to be, thanks to the unseasonal cold snap and torrential rain we experienced all the way up the NSW coastline in the days leading up to the event.

Plan B was now going to require wellies and a rain coat!…. So faux leather pants, and layering with a sleeveless tunic, cardi, and rain jacket was the order of the day. Finished off with my much-loved Hunters.

But enough about the festival fashion, let’s get onto the event. It was a vibe that was truly electrifying.

Walking into the estate, and feeling that buzz in the air is something that I will always remember.

Just as I will always remember the look of awe on Jessie’s face with the sheer volume of people; and the simple act of my dad holding her hand so protectively, as we walked through the crowds.

Fleetwood Mac 2015About 17,000 people had partied the night away in the rain on the Saturday, and now we had arrived for the Sunday night show. It was a mud fest to say the least. We found a great little spot on the hill, laid out our picnic rugs, and opened a bottle of wine. We enjoyed the last half an hour of Angus & Julia Stone as we soaked up the surroundings. I took a moment to think about how happy I was right then and there to finally seeing my most favourite band on the planet. #gratitude – to the max!
Then came the thundering bass drum beat of Mick Fleetwood signalling the opening song. It was an epic version of The Chain, with all of the built up ex-lover tension that you could imagine between Stevie & Lindsay, as they belted out the tune.

From then on it was massive hit, after massive hit. Everywhere, Little Lies, You Make Loving Fun, Dreams, Rhiannon, Go Your Own Way, Gypsy, Landslide…..

Fleetwood MacI cried tears of joy at least at least three times – not from the wine, but from the pure emotion that I was feeling from living out one of my dreams in reality, and sharing it with the people who I love the most.

I guess what I am getting at, is that life is not about collecting things – but it’s about collecting memories. We should always try to make the most out of opportunities, for life experience. I bought these tickets for my family as their birthday/Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gifts this year. I could have bought them some kind of material thing; but my decision to make an event we would remember forever, was by far the better option.

We are all still smiling about this concert when we think about it now, even a month later. It was one of the best experiences of our lives. And we have all vowed to make the effort to go to a concert together once a year from now on.

I’d rather have a head full of amazing memories, than a big house that’s full of “material things”. Quality time, and life experience is what can set your soul on fire – so do what you love, and love what you do.

Peace, love, & good times!

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Words: Dani Tinkler.

Image source: Instagram.


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