Did Mother’s Day exacerbate my parenting fails this week?

Mother’s Day is such a heart warming feeling when you are a new mum. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing five of them now, and it just seems to get more and more fun when each one comes along.

img_0563.jpgThis year, well more so, the days leading up to Mother’s Day were a little comical in terms of what our dear daughter got up to… As well as our various parenting fails that occurred.

It all started Monday night with the first “family fail”. You see, I moonlight as a nurse part-time, and often work the nightshift – which is exactly what I was doing at this particular moment.

I got a semi-frantic phone call from the husband at about ten past seven in the morning. It seemed that Jessie had put a ring of hers on her finger in the bath the night before. It had slipped on easily in the soapy water, but once she got out of the bath she couldn’t remove it. She never told anyone about it however, and just went about her nightly routine as she normally would.

The next morning, there was still no mention to daddy about said ring stuck on finger. It wasn’t until he was walking her into the school yard to before school care that he noticed her sausage-like pointer finger, whilst holding her hand.

At the time I was still working, and I couldn’t really sort out the situation from my end anyway; so I suggested he try soap, or fairy liquid, or even butter to help ease the ring off…. But this was to no avail.

About 5 minutes later he sent me a text: “We’ll see you in the ED”….. Looks like it’s really stuck!!!

Luckily, around 7am is a relatively quiet time in a children’s hospital emergency department, so she was taken straight in. Unluckily though, she had just eaten half a croissant for breakfast, and was going to have to wait 2 hours until she could have the happy gas required to actually get the ring off.

So there we sit, watching frozen on a portable DVD player until 9.15. Not so much fun after being awake the entire night working, when all I desperately want is my bed. I did go slightly delirious I think, as I found myself singing along to Frozen a tad louder than I should have been.

But after a few minutes of the gas, the wonderful ED team were able to cut the ring off, and free the finger. After another 3 minutes of oxygen, a couple of Jatz crackers, and a pink milk – we were good to go to school.

By 10.30 she was in class, and showing off her sausage finger battle wounds to her classmates. Oh well, at least it was a great story for news that day! And not long after, I was falling into the comfort of my bed for a well deserved (although very short) rest.

. . . .

Our next fail happened on Thursday morning – the day of the Mother’s Day stall at school. The whole family woke up late this day, so it was a rush out the door. My husband had left her with a special envelope from the school that he had placed $15 into. One $10 note, and one $5 note. Simply because there was a $10 and a $5 gift table, so we thought it best to give her the choice with the least amount of confusion.

Silly mummy accidentally forgot to take the envelope to school that day, so I ended up having to give the teacher $15 out of my wallet – in the form of 3x $5 notes. So when it was time for Jessie’s class to shop the stall, my clever little entrepreneur bought 2x $5 presents, and took the rest off to the canteen for an ice block!


But bless her, she wasn’t greedy, she only spent 90c and came home with the change. Good on her for that.

. . .
img_0872.jpgThe last fail of the week happened on Friday afternoon, about half an hour before school was due to end. We’ve had a lot of issues with Jess not listening at all lately, and so this whole event did not really surprise me at all.

So Jess and her little classmate both had a pair of scissors each, and decided to cut themselves a fringe each. The teacher asked them repeatedly to stop, but the girls just wouldn’t listen.

Next, it was mid-way down Jessie’s pony tail to get the chop, so by this stage they were sent to the head teacher’s room for not listening. The minute school was over and they walked out of class to the parents gathered waiting below, the two girls burst into tears as soon as they made eye contact with their mums.

They were actually quite hysterical with the amount of crying. Once we finally understood why they were so upset, we decided that we better have a chat with the teachers. So, whilst trying to appear serious (and trying to hide my laughter) we chatted to the teacher and the girls felt much better. To be honest it was probably more to do with the shock of getting in trouble, rather than the cutting of the hair that was upsetting them. They were truly disappointed in themselves, poor little things. But still, another great lesson to be learned!

And to be fair, it could have been a lot worse. The fringe blends in, and the pony tail was cut relatively evenly. Not even a trip to the hairdresser was required to repair it. Phew!

img_0851.jpgSo by the time it reached Sunday, I was so eager for my day of spoiling, and so grateful for a bit of time with them both. My Mother’s Day gifts consisted of a stunning home made card featuring a coloured in artwork that daddy and Jessie had been working on together for the last few weeks (precious!), plus her purchases from the Mother’s Day stall which included a set of three beaded bracelets, and a compact mirror for my handbag – both gorgeously gold plated, as this is Jessie’s most favourite colour of the moment.

These were teamed with Jessie’s last minute decision gift on Mother’s Day morning, which consisted of a small cactus that had three sprouts – she said it reminded her of daddy, mummy, and Jessie….. Perhaps she likened us (tongue in cheek) to a bunch of pricks????

Just joking – I’m sure my five year old isn’t that clever for such a pun!

So after all of the antics in the lead up to Mother’s Day, it was lovely to receive a little spoiling come Sunday. An easy lunch, and a few glasses of wine with my little family made it just about perfect. Totes blessed!

So to all of those lovely mummy’s out there, I’m sending you lots of love this Mother’s Day. And also to the grand mummy’s, step mummy’s, mummy’s to be, mummy’s of the future, and especially the Angel mummy’s – who’s babies found their wings way to early.

To all of you, know how much you are loved and respected. Mum’s are the best!

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Words by Danielle Tinkler.

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