Re-set your mindset.

Re-set your mindset.

The interesting thing when it comes to looking after our own mental health – is that when you are feeling positive, and sending out that positive energy to the world around you, then happiness is just a given. You simply cannot help it!

Profile Pray 10But if you do fall off the wagon and behave in a negative way – be that negative thoughts, negative words, or an argument; then suddenly everything seems to plummet into a never ending of a hole of despair.

It’s a horrible place to be, and it can be difficult rut to get out of. Unfortunately though, focusing on the negative just brings you down further… Your mood becomes affected, and things just won’t go “right” in your world for that time. In a nutshell – when we get upset about one thing, then other things happen to make it go from bad to worse – the day spirals out of control, negativity gets attracted, and soon everything goes down the drain.

It’s fact.

So, do your best to climb out of that hole and take some time out to try to re-set your mindset. Because the quicker you get back on track with the positive, the better you will feel, and the happy place will come flooding right back!

How can we do this?

Probably one of the fastest ways to re-set your current mindset is to physically remove yourself from whatever the negative situation is. Move out of, and away from the immediate environment that is getting you down. Whether that means taking yourself off for a quick walk around the block, or even just stepping outside to a backyard or balcony for a few moments – this initial distraction can be the first step to ridding yourself of those negative vibes.  Take a bit of time out and get your head together if you can. Even if this stress is with a child and you cannot physically leave the situation, just move yourself a few steps away from the battle and re-group your mind.

A physical space that you can use for your “happy place” is a great thing to find. I am a huge lover of my community, hence I have found numerous little spots around my local area that are great for a bit of alone time. Park benches with a bit of a view are now like my own little oases in this bustling urban hub we live in. It’s a tiny patch of land, but it’s a perfect spot for a quick bit of (awakened) meditation and a re-charge.

Meditation for me does not necessarily mean that I sit down crossed legged, fore fingers and thumbs pinced, and humming my “Ohms”… But instead, I consider it to be a state of both relaxation and concentration ~ at the same time. I am relaxing my mind, but I am focusing on happy, positive thoughts, in the attempt to re-set my mind and my thought processes.

partypartyComposing your own selection of positive affirmations can be most helpful in shifting a negative mindset. Oracle decks and books can be a great help for ideas, but actively coming up with your own phrases will make the process even more personal, and perhaps even more beneficial to you. Seeing such positive words on a regular basis almost burns the idea into your mind – reiterating the positive thoughts and feelings, and subsequently making the change in your mood. It’s a positive habit to fall into.

To keep these affirmations fresh at hand you can easily enlist the help of a mobile app, write them in a journal or on a piece of paper, stick it on your wall, or keep one memorised in your mind. Then whenever you need it, you can chant it to yourself throughout the day for a guaranteed pep-up.

And last of all,

Get your gratitude on. Look around you, and be thankful for what you have. Easier said than done at the time, yes… But even the slightest bit of recognition and thankfulness for something in life is the key to saving yourself from that impending downward spiral. Even if you can only be thankful that you might be learning something from the situation, then this is enough to pave your way back to positivity.

And that is the bottom line. The final piece to the puzzle. If you can feel gratitude, then you cannot feel negative. You just can’t. I am not saying that you then must go on to save the world, bouncing from rainbow to rainbow – but you can actively make yourself feel better about your own situation at that time; which in turn rescues you back from of your own negative way of thinking.

Re-set your mindset…. And bring back your peace.

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Words by Dani Tinkler.


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  1. Beth-It is amazing how fcnisuog on gratitude can basically re-wire your brain to look for what is RIGHT in your life RIGHT now. For me active daily gratitude is the foundation for all of my happiness. Thank you for sharing your story here with us. I am so happy you are here <3

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