Reflections on 2015, now bring on 2016!

Like most of us around this time of New Years celebrations, I begin to look back on what’s gone on in the year we just had. The challenges, the triumphs, and the lessons learned. And despite the amount of challenges we’ve faced I still am quite happy with the whole year overall.

I’ve noticed quite a bit of a somewhat coincidental trend this New Years, that many of my friends, and various media sources have been claiming “good riddance” to 2015. All I keep hearing is that 2015 was a year of deaths, divorces or destruction for many. But for me, I think that it has been a year of realisation, manifestation, and action.

IMG_1040Through a lot of hard work in terms of my own self-care and self-love, I really do think that I managed to have quite a fantastic ride through 2015. And the bonus ball of concentrating on your own self-love is that it radiates from you unconsciously, and tends to infect those loved ones around you also. I guess what I’m feeling is that good vibes are contagious.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that 2015 did not go without a few of my own uncertainties, but despite some struggles in the work-life-family-love balance in 2015, I made a vow to myself and an active decision to practice positivity and always find the best in the situation. From this, I realised that I was overworked, and over-extending myself to the point of self-destruction. With having too much on my plate for a long time, I was doing many things poorly – instead of concentrating on doing a few things really well. When I made the decision of what the most important things were in my life that deserved my attention, it was relatively easy to get the balance back in check.

By ridding my life of the things that were not “right” for me, including toxic people, and starting to say no to things that I really didn’t want to do, I can honestly say that life is good – my stress levels have lowered, my coping skills have improved and my personal relationships are much more harmonious.

The customary New Years selfie. Happy New Year peeps!

In 2015 my mantra was to do good things, look after yourself, laugh a lot, and love completely. And with that I managed to finally keep up with one of those age-old New Years resolutions we always make, and that is, to get a regular amount of exercise – to the point now that I have actually realised that keeping fit is not a chore, and it actually does make you feel good. I have prioritized good sleep habits (despite still being a part-time shift worker), which has helped greatly with my moods. And last of all, I have cut myself a bit of slack. I’ve realised that “you can’t be good at everything”, and I’m ok with that!

So in terms of what my plans, hopes and dreams are for 2016? I want to continue on with my current state of optimistic bliss. I know full well that the reality of life brings along it own set of challenges for us to deal with, but I intend to use any challenges I/we come across this year as lessons to be learned. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and things tend to happen for a reason – no matter how twisted it might seem to you at the time.

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Words by Dani Tinkler.

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council and OUAV.

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