Scenes from the dolls house…

For our daughter, often there is nothing more important in her life than her collection of Disney characters and princesses. It is wonderful to see her entertaining herself with them, and sometimes I even eavesdrop to find out what adventures she is having with the gang  – but what I like the most about her play time is the surprises that I find around the house once her game has finished. And it’s given me an idea for a new Instagram hashtag called #scenesfromthedollshouse

So every so often, as part of the column “Classic Conversations With A Four Year Old” we would like to update you on the latest funny situations that I find the toys in, on any random day. Remember that I have NO PART in the positioning or set up of these toys – I purely find a good camera angle to get the shot, and occasionally make up funny words to tell the story; the rest comes straight from the mind of Miss Jessie Violet.

But for now, let’s take a look at where #scenesfromthedollshouse all began….

Scenes from the dollshouse2Well I guess it all began one day when I found Snow White wearing only her underwear, and it seemed she had “fallen in” to the toilet… Poor old Snow looked like she was at the end of a huge night out, and I thought that it was definitely a photo worthy shot.

Needless to say, this particular photo got quite a lot of laughs from the Instagram public – and Facebook also to be precise…. With most of my “friends” relating Snow White’s pose to something I would have done “back in the day”…. Cheers guys, thanks! (insert sarcasm here 😉 )


Scenes From The Dolls House7

In our next shot we have attended an out door music, food and wine festival in Coogee, and all of a sudden I look down to find two barbie dolls all tucked up to have a little nap…

Only their hair is like a birds nest – yet their makeup remains flawless!

The funny side to this shot is that after an afternoon of fun at a food and wine festival, I am sure that there were probably many attendees feeling exactly the same way!


The last shot that I will share with you all today, I could only describe as being an uncanny resemblance to our families personalities, structure, and the way Jess sees us…. Although a total fluke (at least I assume it was a fluke), she decides on 3 Mr Men books to read out of the entire His n Hers collections…

Scenes From The Dolls House4Mr Tall – AKA Daddy

Little Miss Busy – AKA Mummy

And last of all – Little Miss Princess (no prizes for guessing who that is meant to be!)




Sharing these #scenesfromthedollshouse is quite entertaining for me, and I am finding that the Instagram public are getting a little chuckle out of it also. So stay tuned to OUAV, and see what they get up to over the next few episodes!

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By Dani Tinkler 

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