This is how we disco.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Well, months actually, if I’m thinking of not only me, but some of my loved ones who have faced some of their own recent difficulties as well.

Whether it’s been shitty relationships, the breakdown of friendships, or illness and injury, December and January just were not as good for us as they could have been this summer.

What we needed was a good dose of fun, and a whole lot of laughter to clear out the cobwebs…. And I found the answer – in the form of a guru.

On a random January Friday afternoon, my daughter and I decided to jump on a bus and check out the Sydney Festival in Hyde Park. I had heard that there was a bubble disco going on, so we thought we would go in for a little boogie. Well unfortunately due to the rain and wind that day, the disco had finished early. But I did happen to notice some other pretty weird kind of disco going on – and I wanted to be part of it. It was bookings only, but it was free. But it now wasn’t on til the next day. So I booked in 5 spots, and told my brother to trust me, and bring himself and my two nieces along for some laughs and good times.

We turn up to Hyde Park on Saturday just a few minutes before 12 midday, and are each handed a pair of headphones. We adjust the sizes to fit the girls, and all start hearing some pretty sweet disco tunes.

Then all of a sudden we see him. A vision – decked out in a whole lotta magenta hot pants / play suit kind of ensemble… Our leader of the pack, Guru Dudu.

He started out by welcoming us to his disco walking tour with a cheeky little warm up routine. It seemed completely normal to us, to just start following on with the moves and do exactly what the Guru said to do. About 40 random strangers all dancing around saying “hi” to each other, whilst breathing in, and breathing out, and pointing fingers in the air – all in time to the Chic disco classic- Le Freak (Freak Out).

 You see, Guru Dudu is linked up to us all via his groovy little head set and mic. We are all tuned in perfectly to hear his feel good mix of happy beats, and his voice over the top leading us (more like boogie-ing us) around the Sydney Festival – and he calls this experience his Silent Disco Walking Tour. Cue the next track, and its time for a dance off to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The girls are a bit nervous to start off with, but soon lose their inhibitions to the music and get into it. By the time we are dancing around a fountain to Stayin’ Alive, they are fully into the disco vibe.

And as a nice touch being only a day or two after the death of the great David Bowie, it was lovely that the Guru included a couple of classic Bowie tunes – including “Let’s Dance” and “Fashion” as well.

img_1387.jpgHailing from Melbourne, Guru Dudu presents his out there experience to Hen’s nights, corporate events, team building exercises, and pretty much just for random fun, really! And not since the good old days I used to spend nightclubbing, have I laughed and sweated so much to such awesome music. An undeniably feel good experience, and as the guru himself says “if you’re ever feeling down, just put on a little disco and dance the blues away”.

Looking for more details about Guru Dudu? Check him out via his website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

Peace, love, and hands in the air like you just don’t care!

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Words by Dani Tinkler.

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