True friends are like stars.

img_1849-2.jpgTrue friends are like stars – you might not always see them, but you know they are always there.

No truer words could be spoken about two of my dearest.

Today we managed to catch up for a one hour coffee and a chat. Two of them both with either a baby or toddler in tow, and me now kid-free, due to the fresh start of school a few weeks ago.

As most women know, it is so important to take time out of life and have conversation with your pals; but for most mothers, this can often be a difficult task to achieve.

For the mother of the toddler, her time is spent up/down, up/down from the table trying her best to keep the little one from falling over and hurting  themself, or from running off. For the mother of the baby there is time spent making sure the little one doesn’t get stepped on by the bigger kids whilst crawling, and that nothing off the floor gets eaten or inhaled. And for the childless one (aka me today, for the first time in like, forever) it was spent trying to keep up with what conversation we were on next – or did we even finish that one? Hang on, onto the next topic…. where were we again?

I’m sure so many of you can relate.

The conversation never stops. We all have so much to say, but just never enough time to get it all out. We’ve all got our own problems, and we’ve never got the time (or the company) to vent like this at home – so we quickly give each other a run down of where we are at in life, right here, right now. Each one of us sounding like a whole load of (as they say in San Francisco) “hot mess”. If you were a fly on the wall I’m sure you would think that we all need professional help, as our lives do sound like they are a complete shambles.

….But it’s not like that, really. We just know that we need each other to spill our problems out to once in a while. We need to dump all of our angst within those cafe walls, so that we can all soldier on and keep going. We know that we are all there for each other at any time – even if not physically, but we are only ever as far away as the end of the phone.

True FriendAnd as we part after that short, coffee-fueled, ‘therapy’ session – to go and get on with the rest of our days, I walk away with tears welling up in my eyes….

Not because I am sad; not because any one of us is really suffering; but because I realise that with the support of true friends you can pretty much conquer anything. It’s one of the warmest feelings to have in the whole world.

To know you are never alone. To have the permission to feel like sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle – but to be reassured that “that’s ok”. And to never be judged about it what might be troubling you. However big or small it might seem at the time.

In the grand scheme of things, we all know that we are pretty lucky for what we have in life, and our problems are all able to be fixed in the first world that we live in, eventually. But we are also human – and that too is ok.

Thanks girls, for letting me feel human today. 😘

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Words by Danielle Tinkler.

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