Wednesday night ramblings.

Taking a bit of me time while the rest of the house sleeps… With a hot cuppa and a candle lit – just the right environment for a little reflection on what’s been , and time to think about my new intentions that I’ll set for tomorrow.

Feeling a little better that the full moon has past, and so has mercury’s retrograde – although I do have another night-shift looming… and that often can rock the boat a little.

Noting the little angel glow that’s visible only in the photograph above, and not to the naked eye – and feeling extra secure in the knowledge that we are never alone, and the universe has always got my back.
So deep and philosophical for 11pm on a Wednesday! 😇🌔✨

img_0643.jpgEnjoying the deliciousness of Honeydew & Violet’s Signature Scent ~ You’re My Honeydew.
Available via the H&V website:

Sweet dreams everyone! 😘😴

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